Avogadro Online Scoring System

"Avogadro has changed how we "do" Olympiad in Illinois! Its "error-finding" interface has eliminated all scoring problems." --Barbara Figlewicz - Head Scorekeeper: Illinois

Current Version: v3.1

Core Components


Core scoring engine; handles security and scoring of multiple types of competition events, from academics to athletics.


Conference planning addon for tracking additional data with hooks into existing Avogadro data and users.


For self-scheduling events, allow coaches to sign up for slots in advance, using Avogadro data for security and event data.


Once scoring is complete, how do you disseminate the results? Davinci gives multiple report and presentation methods above the standard reports Avogadro offers.



General Public Results
Generates a nicely-formatted grid of competition results viewable to the public after the competition administration closes the competition.

User security roles
Coaches, tournament staff, and tournament organizers have their own logins, with differing security clearances.

Web-based Score Entry
Scores can be entered wherever the event is taking place, incrementally as raw scores come in.

Avogadro sorts, validates, and tabulates final results from individual event results, saving you time and transcript ion errors.

Score Validation
Checks for duplicates and sorts automatically, reducing transcription errors.

Data is stored both in local database files, as well as CSV export reports, for incremental backups in case internet connectivity is lost during the competition.

Admin Configuration
Tournament organizers have many options to tailor the interface and scoring options to suit their needs.

Administrators get complete control over the look and feel of their instances to match whatever visual feel they like.


Avogadro Success Story with Science Olympiads

Since its original inception in 2001 with the Wisconsin State-level Science Olympiad competition, the Avogadro web-based scoring system has been helping Science Olympiad competitions score their results quicker, more accurately, and more securely than ever before.

Avogadro enables event coordinators to enter scores in parallel, with basic error checking done by the system to ensure scores are legible and accurate. Various tiers of security allow Science Olympiad committees to delegate control while still maintaining an overall view of the competition(s) in progress. Built in phpBB message boards allow committee leaders to give support and receive feedback before and after the competition. Regional- and state-level competitions can be hosted in the same place, and user access individualized to specific regional competitions or overall competitions for a given state. Science Olympiad organizers can choose between the national scoring method or various state-derived alternate scoring methods. Easy administrative control allows administrators to lock competitions down to enable/disable scoring of events, and viewing of results by the general public. Results are easily viewed in grid formats and can be broken down by school for easy publication to local news sources, and to more easily facilitate the awards ceremonies at the competitions themselves. Recursive backups to local computers provide rolling-back to prior data, should corruption occur and gives access to the results data should the Internet connection be lost during the competition.

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