The National Science Olympiads bring science out of the classroom and brings students together for a chance to compete and show their knowedge.

The Avogadro scoring system makes it painless to set up, host, score, and distribute results for Science Olympiad competitions.


General Public Results

The general public, including local newspapers, friends and family of competing students may be interested to see the final competition results. Avogadro generates a nicely-formatted grid of competition results viewable to the public after the tournament administrators close the competition.

User security roles

Coaches, tournament staff, and tournament organizers have their own logins, with differing security clearances. Coaches have their own user accounts which can give them access to their team entry information. At the competition administrator's preference, coaches can log in and do pre-competition event signups with ease, with competition coordinators double-checking and disabling entries from changing as the competition starts.

Web-based Score Entry

Scores can be entered wherever the event is taking place, incrementally as raw scores come in. Avogadro remembers raw score entry, so as groups of schools complete their event, their scores can be entered in batches, and after all scores are in, final scores can be assigned. Avogadro also gives easy means to assign 'tiers' of scores when entering raw scores, to ease in scoring.


Avogadro sorts, validates, and tabulates final results from individual event results, saving you time and transcription errors. Because Avogadro enables multiple event judges to access the system at the same time, the moment competition ends, all coordinators can start entering scores, and the moment they finish their tiebreaking of the raw scores, Avogadro has the results.

Score Validation

Checks for duplicates and sorts automatically, reducing transcription errors.


Data is stored both in local database files, as well as CSV export reports, for incremental backups in case internet connectivity is lost during the competition.

Admin Configuration

Tournament organizers have many options to tailor the interface and scoring options to suit their needs.


Administrators get control over the look and feel of their instances to match whatever visual feel they like.


Keep a record of past tournament scores always available online. Let tournament winners showcase their final rank for all time.