Add-on Modules

Avogadro itself is focused on making scoring a breeze. However, once you've got scores in the system, you've got some valuable data at your fingertips. Avogadro has several add-on modules that are in development to expand the capabilities of Avogadro beyond "just" scoring your competition.


Avogadro gathers lots of data about competing schools and their associated students, coaches, and competing events. However, for larger (state- and national-level competitions, usually) competitions, there may be more information organizers would like to obtain (which day is the team arriving on? What size shirt does each student wear, for their complimentary T-Shirt?) To assist with this, the Darwin module allows competition organizers to create custom questionnaires to gather more data about various topics, and associate those responses with records already in the Avogadro database. By being an add-on, Darwin is able to keep School, Event, and Student ID numbers consistant, and can store the additional Darwin data under the same IDs, keeping the data uniform.


When schools sign up for events, by national rules, each student can compete in up to five events, but that means it's up to the competition coordinators to figure out how to schedule the events of the competition day, such that a student isn't forced to be in two places at once. Since Avogadro already has all the data necessary to help with that scheduling (which schools are competing in which events, and which students are in which events), the Mendel add-on which is in development aims to help make suggestions on possible schedules that work for the given competitors.