A cell with a dash (–) in it indicates that school is not competing in that event. A cell with no content indicates that event is not scored yet. A cell with a number in it gives the final score value for that school for that event.Yellow boxes indicate Intentional No Show. Red boxes indicate Junior Varsity Team

Absarokee Junior High              01
Augusta Public Schools JV0 
Augusta Public Schools Varsity0 
Belfry School0 
Belgrade Middle School0 
Belt Schools              02
Big Sandy Junior High0 
CR Anderson Middle School0 
Cayuse Prairie0 
Centerville Middle School0 
Chief Joseph Middle School0 
Clancy School              03
Corvallis Middle School0 
Culbertson School0 
Cut Bank Middle School0 
Drummond JV0 
Ekalaka Public Schools0 
Fairfield Schools0 
Fred Moodry Middle School JV          0 
Gallatin Gateway School              04
Granite Junior Senior High              05
Grass Range Public School JV0 
Hamilton Middle School0 
Helena Middle School0 
Helena Middle School JV0 
Heritage Christian School0 
Lewistown Jr High0 
Libby Middle School0 
Manhattan Jr High0 
North Middle School0 
Noxon Public Schools0 
Park City Schools0 
Rapelje Public School             06
Roosevelt Middle School              07
Sacajawea Middle School JV0 
Sacajawea Middle School Varsity0 
Simms Middle School              08
Sleeping Giant Middle School0 
St. Joseph School              0 
Thompson Falls Junior High0 
Utterback Middle School             09

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1Bridge Building4Elastic Launched Glider7Green Generation10Picture This13Wind Power
2Crave the Wave5Food Science8Invasive Species11Reach for the Stars14Write It Do It
3Crime Busters6Fossils9Mission Possible12Scrambler